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Animal Alphabet WB - Greek

Greek workbook

The Animal Alphabet workbook is a fun way for young children to learn how to read and write in Greek, as well as build their vocabulary. It can be used in the classroom with a teacher, or as a fun learning tool at home.

From Alpha to Omega, you can learn 20+ animals with the help of this creative book.

It is accompanied by fun activities on our online platform which will help children reinforce their learning. Log on and download the material to work offline or try some of the interactive alphabet games.

Speak with me

One-on-one classes tailored to your specific needs and adapted as you progress.


  • Identify your spoken communication problem areas


  • Work on strategies to overcome obstacles in oral communication


  • Practice accent, intonation and rhythm in a conversation


  • Achieve spoken fluency through our proven methodology and make yourself understood
IELTS Workshop - What examiners are looking for

IELTS Writing - What examiners look for

Before you start off trying to meet requirements, it is important to know what they are.
Wondering what each band and descriptor means in plain English? Get on the list for the next workshop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right course?

Once you contact us about a course, we will ask you some questions to help determine the right options for you. You will also take a placement test to help your teacher identify your strengths and weaknesss. 

What is the cost?

When we recommend options for you, we will tell you about the pricing for each to help you make the best decision.

I live in another country. Is that OK?

Many of our students live abroad in very different time zones. We have teachers in different continents who teach students closer to their time zone. 

How can I pay for my language classes?

You can pay via Stripe, Wise or Direct Deposit (Australia only).